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Legal Shield provides you with 24/7 access to full legal counsel on an  unlimited basis. Together we will help you and your family with any  business or personal legal issues you may have.

With Legal Shield  you can update your wills, healthcare directives, power of attorney  documents and have access to many more documents at a discounted rate  for you, your spouse (or significant other) and dependent children. With  your "on-call" attorney, you can worry less and live more with the  piece of mind that someone always has your back.

24/7 Legal Help

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Legal Shield  provides the legal experience you depend on, and in an extremely  accessible way for your convenience. Their lawyers average 20 years of  experience and can efficiently assist both small and large legal  matters.

Legal Shield protects more than 1 million members in 49  states. With a dependable and experienced law firm by your side, you can  truly “worry less and live more.” No matter what life throws your way,  Legal Shield will assist with all your legal help in Sioux Falls and  surrounding areas.

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We can provide you an individual plan or small business plan with 24 hour  a day, 7 days a week support. Legal Shield protects you and your  business and will assist in any legal matter such as writing letters,  reviewing documents, trial defense and more.

If you are thinking  about applying for Legal Shield or have questions about the different  coverage options, contact an expert at Risty Benefits in Sioux Falls,  South Dakota. Our team will assist with all of your insurance questions  and explain with easy to understand language. We look forward to working  with you!

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